Not only is George Bush (Bloody George) an election thief he is also a liar. After stealing the 2000 election with the help of Jeb Bush and his friends on the supreme court. He has now led us into an unnecessary war in Iraq. Most americans could not show you where Iraq is on a map of the world. The pretext for taking the country to war was that Iraq had weapons of mass distruction that he could launch in a few minutes. This has always been a lie. Bloody George and his ally Tony Blair knew this to be untrue, but it served Bloody George's goal to win the mid term election of 2002. Bloody George and Blair manufactured evidence to convince the world body, with very little success. At the same time the North Koreans acknowledged that they had weapons of mas distruction. Who is the greater threat to the security of America. Even if Iraq had WMD's the possibility of Saddam getting one of those weapons to American soil was next to impossible from a logistic standpoint. On the other hand at worst the North Koreans can get a missile at least to Hawaii.



The administration of Bloody George appeased the North Koreans even to the point of cow towing to them. The decision was already made months in advance to go to war in Iraq and there was no turning back. Bloody George was determined to go to war no matter what the world community thought. He told the U.N. "If you do not back me I will go it alone" you the U.N. are irrelevant. There is no glory in defeating a weaker opponent. There was never any question that the U.S. would triumph over the the Iraqi army.

An interesting point to note is that neither George Bush or Saddam Hussain were elected by their respective populations.

They underestimated the resolve of the Iraqi people who did not want us there in the first place. One day before the start of hostilities, there were millions of Iraqis in the streets of Baghdad marching against the impending U.S. war. I saw a TV clip of the US forces tearing down a statue of Saddam in Baghdad. Absent was the Iraqi people. There was a crowd (if I can call it that) of a few hundred, if that many people watching the statue fall. The very next day there was over a hundred thousand Iraqis marching in the streets demanding that the US leave Iraq.

You cannot force democracy on anyone no more than you force any other form of government. In the seventy years of the communist system in the old Soviet Union, only 6% of the population were actually communist. The greatest hold you can have over any one person or any body of people is fear. The iraqi people at this time are afraid of us because of our big guns. However, the longer we are there the bolder they will become and the hatered becomes imbedded. Tyranny has many faces. The iraqis feel that one tyrant has been replaced by another. Every time an Iraqi son looses a father, a brother a sister even at the hands of other iraqis, they will blame the U.S. They will be looking for blood, U.S. blood. They will stop at nothing the get their revenge.

Since Bloody George declared the end of combat in Iraq on May 1st 2003. four thousand two hundred (4,200) U.S. Servicemen, have been killed by the Iraqi resistance and more than ten times that many wounded. Also 4 are listed as missing including 2 captured by insurgents 3 weeks ago ( 93 killed in October 2005, 105 in November and 63 so far in December 2005). Since April 28th 2005, fifteen thousand (15000) Iraqis and one thousand five hundred (1,500) US soldiers have been killed.. (What is also interesting is that of the hundreds of wounded, we have never been told of any soldier dying from their wounds. (The fact is the death toll is probably much higher than is acknowledged ). Not to mention the billions of dollars in lost equipment. Now Bloody George tells us we are fighting a war on terrorism. In case you forget I will remind you. We went to war to find WMD (weapons of mass distruction). He has not produced not one weapon. (I would point out that if any is produced, it will have been manufactured by the Administration of Bloody George. Now we are told we are fighting a war on terrorism? If there are any terrorists in Iraq, they were created by Bloody George. To the people killing our troops in Iraq, we are terrorists. We are invaders to be vanquished from their land. Would we americans be expected to do any less if we were invaded by a foreign foe? When they Iraqis destroy their oil pipeline they are trying to destroy anything that would give aid to the enemy, no different than when the Russians burned everything when they were fleeing the invading French. When they kill Iraqis cooperating with us as collaborators. No different than we did in the civil war or the war of 1812 and would do tomorrow if we found americans aiding the Iraqis. In case you forget THIS IS WAR and war is hell. war is a dirty business. All is fair in love and war. Sometimes the end justifies the means. Every day innocent Iraqis die and are injuried at the hands of both sides. We drop 30 pound bombs from they skies and they plant car bombs.

The Bush family has now killed more Iraqis than the Hussain family.

MAY 1st 2003

Do you think the Iraqi people are better off today than they were a year ago? Do you feel any safer now than you did a year ago? The answer is NO.

There is no infrastructure in Iraq, Water is scarce, limited electricity. No security. Areas controlled by bands of thugs. We know nothing of the of amount of Iraqis killed. Conservative estimates are in the tens of thousands. The country has now become a breading place for for hate, mostly against the US.

The war in Afghanistan was more than justified in the aftermath on an unprovoked attack. The majority of the hijackers on 911 were from Saudi Arabia none from Iraq. So why are we in Iraq with our backs to the real enemy?

Now that the mission in Iraq has failed, Bloody George is now asking the world community who he snobbed a few months ago to send their citizens to Iraq to be killed to take some of the heat off of himself. He wants the US people to give him 87 billion dollars for the next year in Iraq. I thought the Iraqi oil was supposed to pay for the mission there. Sorry, they have not been able to export any oil from Iraq. Where is money to come from? Since he took office more than 3 million jobs have been lost and more going every day. When Bloody George took office he inherited a surplus of 500 billion dollars. Now we have a deficit of 500 billion dollars and growing every day. We have seen oil prices skyrocket. Do you expect him to do anything about that. Wrong. Both Bloody George and Cheney are heavily invested in oil. The higher the price of oil the richer they become.


Written by

Ripton Johnson

( concerned U.S. Citizen )